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Fly Eagles Fly!

While most of the talk about the Philadelphia Eagles has been surrounded around Tim Tebow and whether or not he’ll make the 53 man cut or not has sadly overshadowed how phenomenal the Philadelphia Eagles look as a team.

Now I am fully aware that this is the Preseason and nothing should be taken even remotely serious. Most of the time that is the case when it comes to sports especially the NFL but you simply cannot ignore the fantastic display that this Eagles team has put on.

After a full offseason spewing with criticism about not only his ability to run a football team but who he is as a person, Chip Kelly at this moment in time looks brilliant as his team looks primed to make some serious noise this year. The bottom line is that on both sides of the ball the Eagles look nothing short of spectacular.

While you might think of Philly strictly as an offensive team they look very good defensively and it starts with their vicious front seven; led by the likes of Defensive End Fletcher Cox and newly re-signed Line Backer Mychal Kendricks.

If you remember last year Philly was the only defense outside of Detroit to cause the Cowboys offensive line some serious issues. The D-line with Cox and Defensive Tackle Bennie Logan are extremely formidable and can really get after the quarterback or clog holes for the running back.

This strong D-line is backed with stud LBs like Kendricks, Connor Barwin and newly acquired Kiko Alonso, who had a terrific rookie year before going down with injury.

The secondary however is the weakest unit on the entire Eagles team. They made significant upgrades by adding cornerback Byron Maxwell and still having safety Malcolm Jenkins at their disposal, but they still have some holes.

Maxwell has proven to be a really solid corner in the NFL, especially last year as he was often targeted by offenses who presumed that he was the weak point in that vaunted Seattle Seahawk defense. The major issues this unit will find is in their other corner and safety spots as they have no proven talent at those positions outside of Maxwell and Jenkins.

While I do think the Eagles secondary have some big holes, I don’t think it will be a huge problem and that is mainly because I expect the front seven to get after the QB and keep offenses from exposing them.

This is the exact same belief Dallas Cowboy fans have about their severe secondary issues. So generally I think the Eagles defense will be very solid this year and much better than they were last year.


This is the by far the most exciting unit that this Eagle team boasts. They too though have some major question marks but what they also have is extreme potential and have a chance to be one of the most dynamic offenses in the entire NFL.

Now we all know this offense is strictly based on pace and driving up and down the field in very quick succession and it will be no different this year.

With the offensive line still mostly remaining in tact despite the loss of pro bowl guard Evan Mathis, they will still be a formidable bunch. The most thinnest position on this unit is at receiver but they too have loads of potential as Jordan Matthews is primed for a star breakout year as the number one receiver.

The potential relies on the shoulders of rookie Nelson Agholor as he looks extremely explosive and could be a true game breaker at receiver.
In the backfield, as we all know Philly acquired the NFL’s leading rusher Demarco Murray even though their are some serious concerns on how much he will hold up after a near record year in terms of carries. This shouldn’t prove to be a major issue as some may thimk because of their other acquisition of Ryan Matthews as he too has proven to be a good running back in this league.

By pairing Murray and Matthews along with the always dangerous Darren Sproles you have a three-headed moster on your hands and should prove to be one of the best rushing attacks in the league.

Now the biggest question mark on not only the offense but the entire team is the Quarterback position and the health of Sam Bradford.

This preseason Bradford looked sensational as he threw medium range darts with pin point  accuracy as that is what made him the Heisman and the number one overall pick in the draft a few years back.

His skillset seems tailor made for Chip Kelly’s fast pace offense and he looks to have really found his home in the NFL. His balky knees however, have given everyone cause to pause and judgment on him will be held until he proves that he can stay healthy. And while I am not sure if he will but if he can LOOK OUT!

The success of this Philadelphia Eagles team is sorely based on the health of Sam Bradford because if he goes down again and their fate is in the hands of Mark Sanchez they will NOT be going anywhere this year.

If they are able to stay healthy all around though however, I expect the Eagles to win the NFC East and make some serious noise in the Playoffs and maybe, find themselves in the NFC Championship game.

The NFL world needs to be put on notice….



Article by: R’Mon Allen

Twitter: @RmonAllen

Time To Move On


From 1999 to 2003 the St. Louis Rams were a dominant force having perhaps one of the most explosive offense’s ever assembled. Led by QB Kurt Warner, RB Marshall Faulk and WRs Issac Bruce and Torry Holt the Rams were dangerous and put fear into the eyes of many.

They dominated their competition in route to seasons that saw the likes of 13-3, 10-6, 14-2 and 12-4. During that span they went to two Superbowls winning one (99) and losing the other (01).

After losing the SB in 2002 (season of 01) to the Patriots the Rams went down hill,

They finished the following season with a 7-9 record having found a replacement, Marc Bulger, for QB Kurt Warner who’s play was sort of diminishing. The 2003 season was the last of the Rams as they finished 12-4 losing to the Panthers in the divisional game.

Ever since the “Greatest Show On Turf” ended St.Louis has been bad. Having gone through the rebuilding stage twice.

The fist rebuilding project occurred when Marc Bulger first took over. Having led them to 12-4 record his first year some thought he was the next guy up. When in reality he was just a mediocre QB. They eventually brought in RB Steven Jackson to take over for Marshall Faulk and let Holt and Bruce finish their careers off.

Following the GSOT’s exit the Rams went on to have records that consisted of a 8-8 (a pair), 6-10, 3-13, 2-14 and 1-15. They went from being respected to being laughed at in a short time span. After finishing the 09-10 season 1-15 placing last in the NFL, they were awarded the first pick in the NFL Draft (2010).

The talk of that draft (QB wise) was Sam Bradford (OU), Tim Tebow (Florida, Two Time Heisman Winner) and Colt McCoy (Texas). ( Hmph Jimmy Clausen as well.) Many believed Bradford had the potential to be very good if not great; stating that he was head and shoulders above the other QBs in his class.

With all of the hype surrounding Bradford and a glaring hole at the QB position the Rams selected the Oklahoma QB number one.

Alot of fans were enthused with the pick. And now some may have questions surrounding it.

Having missed most of his final college season (shoulder injury) Bradford started in every game his rookie year. He was Rookie of The Year (ROY) and broke a few rookie records.He finished the season with 3512 yards, 18tds, 15ints a QB percentage of 76.5 and completed 60% of his passes. The Rams as a team went on to finish with a 7-9 record, which was a decent turnaround from the previous year.

After showing a little bit of promise in his first year Bradford’s encore for the next season saw him miss six games and finish the season with stats of 6tds, 6ints, 2164 yards a 70.5 QB rating and a 53.5 completion percentage on his passes. 2-14 was the record the Rams finished with in year two of the Bradford era.

With that being his second year in the league it’s fair to give him the benefit of the doubt. Quarterbacks generally do worse in year two because they’re game planned alot better and teams know some of their tendencies. Add that in with the fact that Bradford was hurt a pass must be given.

So I’ll let him off the hook…For now.

In year three Bradford had totals of 21tds 13ints 3702 yards 82.6 QB rating and a completion percentage of 59.5. He also played in all sixteen games. He improved a bit from his rookie season individually but when you look at the team’s record they finished 7-8. (One game was postponed.) Better quarterback yet same result.

Year four, which was last year saw Bradford miss nine games. His stats were nice (14tds 4ints 1687 yards 90.9 QBR and 60.7% completion wise) but his absence wasn’t felt like in year two. Last year the Rams still managed to win seven games without Bradford for most of the season which leaves me with this thought.

Is it time to abort the Bradford project?

If you look at it even with Bradford intact this team was still mediocre. They have a decent defense but the inconsistency or should I say absence of a mobile QB seems to throw them off from time to time. They’ve never been over .500 as a ball club and alot of the blame has to be put on Bradford. It may not be fair to him but that’s how it is in the NFL.

If a QB can’t stay healthy and hasn’t done much to make a case in why he should be the franchise guy, why should the team continue to give him chances? Some may say fours years is too small of a sample to evaluate on if a QB is franchise caliber or not. I think it’s just enough if the QB can’t remain healthy.

Oh and if you think this year is going to be a different story you’re wrong. Bradford is already out for the season with an ACL tear and who’s to say he’ll be healthy next year?

For three out of five years now Sam Bradford has failed to be there when his team needed him. This season was supposed to be the year of the Rams. A breakout year if you will that has now been ruined because of Bradford’s cliched departure. Eleven years ago it was okay to wait and build. But now with a division that’s currently on the rise and primed for years of dominance (Seattle, Arizona, San Francisco) the time to act is now.

It doesn’t make sense to pay for a broken product…….. Time is money and money is time. It’s time for the Bradford project to be resigned. Or another decade of mediocrity will be all but enshrined.


Ryan Fort
FMOT: RyanDFort