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Spurs Vs Warriors Series Analysis


Spurs vs Warriors; Parker vs Curry; Ginobli vs the Warriors’ bench; Pop vs Jackson; Barnes vs Leonard! What’s not to love about this upcoming series? This series features an up and coming team that plays a fast past game and an older more experienced team that plays defense while scoring at a high chip.

Going into the previous series, I had the Spurs being upset by the Lakers, because they weren’t fully healthy and weren’t playing at the same level they played at during the earlier part of the season. While they dismantled a depleted Lakers squad I noticed two things.

The first thing is that they’re getting healthier after each game. And the second thing is that their offense is nearly unguardable. Against the Lakers, San Antonio used the pick n roll to get easy buckets, posted Tim Duncan up to get an inside presence and set off ball screens to free up their shooters. After each possession they would switch it up to keep the opposing defense off balance. That’s why their offense is so fluid and unpredictable.

On the defensive side of the ball San Antonio can defend the low block area well. If they could make it tough on two allstar 7fters imagine how hard it would be for bigs their size to score. Even with K.Leonard the Spurs’ perimeter defense is a bit shaky. The Lakers were able to get the shots they wanted, but weren’t able to knock them down which gave San Antonio’s defense a chance to make it harder on the bigs inside. All in all the Spurs can defend the paint, but will struggle against a team that can knock down shots consistently.

The Warriors, on the other hand, is a team no one, (besides me,) picked to be in this situation. Everyone had them bowing out to the “contending” Denver Nuggets. What people didn’t realize is that the Warriors and Nuggets play the same game. The only difference is that Golden State is a better 3pt shooting team. People also forgot the Warriors had the best player in that series.

After watching that series I noticed these things:
Curry is the truth.
The Warriors aren’t that good defensively.
And once the Warriors are hot all bets are off.

The Warriors are easily the best 3pt shooting team in the Playoffs and one of the lesser defensive teams. In every game, the Warriors defense looked nonexistent. They would constantly get beat off the dribble and give up easy looks at the rim. When playing a team like the Spurs that’ll spell doom. On the offensive side of the ball the Warriors are dangerous if they get hot. They boast the best 3pt shooting backcourt and have a solid frontline that can produce just enough buckets. With David Lee ailing, they’ll have to rely on the 3pt shot more, because their bigs won’t be able to get much against the Spurs.

The Prediction

Having the best guard in this series might not be enough for the Warriors in this series. The Spurs will get buckets at will, unless their defense steps up (with Bogut getting healthier that should help.) San Antonio’s perimeter defense will have to defend the three better or else this series could be the end. But then again their offense should be enough to propel them to the Western Conference Finals…… My heart wants to say the Warriors, but my head is saying Spurs.

Final Prediction
The Spurs win in 6

Ryan Fort