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Who’s The Best Prospect?

With the NCAA Tournament coming to an end, many players have taken this time to either help or hurt their draft stock. The following players should be the top picks in this upcoming draft, and here’s why.

Jahlil Okafor (C)-

Okafor is the best player in college basketball in terms of skill level. He has it all: big, strong, good footwork, and good vision. As a product of Duke, he’s expected to already have a good knowledge of the game. Okafor has the best low post game out of all the players on this list. Throughout the tournament he’s commanded double teams and has been one of the keys to Duke’s success. There is no doubt that he should be the #1 pick in this upcoming draft.


Karl-Anthony Towns (C)-

Towns is simply a beast. He’s big, great at shot blocking, and can run the floor. One thing I’ve noticed is that he keeps a calm demeanour on the court. On offense, he’s a lot less nimble than Okafor. Towns prefers to just bully his defender, which works in college, but may not work as well in the pros. Other than that, Towns is obviously the second best player in the draft.


D’Angelo Russell (G)-

Russell is much different than many of the players in his class. He’s one guard that possesses great fundamentals. This man is a pure scorer. He shoots many shots off the dribble, and still manages to shoot 45% from the field. He is also a great passer, and Ohio State prefers to use him in pick and roll situations. I believe Russell has the ability to make the biggest impact to whatever team he goes to because of his versatility. He’s 6’5 with a great jump shot, and great passing. A perfect fit for a team needing good guards.


Emmanuel Mudiay (PG)-

Mudiay preferred to play overseas rather than go to SMU and play college ball. Therefore, many are unsure of how good the competition was in China compared to the domestic athletes. Based on footage and scouting reports, he’s very athletic and a great open court player, but struggles with the half court game. However, he can draw fouls easily and get to the rim at will. His size is a great asset at 6’5 and will be much bigger than other guards. Mudiay is a wildcard, and a gamble at this high of a pick, but the payoff could be huge.


Justise Winslow (SF)- Winslow has came up and been playing well throughout the final stretch of the season. Although Okafor is the big name for Duke, Winslow has been a closer and performing just as well. He will take the opposing teams best player right out of the game, and if he can develop that jump shot, then he’ll be a huge asset to whichever team he goes to.


Willie Cauley-Stein (C)-

Stein is a full 7’2 with long arms, and a slender frame. He’s a great defender, and possibly the most versatile defender in this upcoming draft. He’s one of the reasons Kentucky switched on all picks because of his ability to play good defense on guards. He has quick feet, and long arms to keep in passing lanes. His problem comes on offense with much of his points coming on alley-oops, or putbacks. Think of him as a younger Tyson Chandler and a solid pickup for any team.


Stanley Johnson (SF)-

Johnson is a physical monster. At 6’8 and 243 lbs, he’s only slightly lighter than LeBron James. He’s very strong and fast, and is a nightmare to stop in the fast break. He has the ability to either drive straight into the defenders chest, or simply go around them. His downfall will be his jump shooting. His shot is awful and he’ll really need to develop it to become a better player. Johnson is a sleeper pick, and will need to put in a lot of work in the offseason to help whichever team he goes to.


Frank Kaminsky (C)-

Kaminsky has been elevating his draft stock as of late through his great play in the late rounds of the tournament. He’s a threat on offense due to his great outside shooting ability. Teams can get creative and set plays where he’ll set a pick, then come off of another pick for a open jumper. Much like Wisconsin does now. Kaminsky is also a decent defender, preferring to be physical with opposing big men. If teams use him much like Pau Gasol and Dirk, then he’ll be a great pickup.


Mario Hezonja (G/F)-

At 6’8, Hezonja has the size to be a tough matchup for many guards. Especially the smaller guards out West. He has great range, and simply rises up above defenders to hit tough shots. He’ll need to work on his shot selection to be successful in the NBA. He’s referred to as a ball hog, and if that’s the case, then NBA coaches can get him out of that mentality. Playing in Europe, Hezonja hasn’t gone up against the athleticism that he’ll play in the NBA; defense will be a problem for him. Teams in need of a shooter or scorer should make this pick if he’s still on the board.


Kristaps Porzingis (PF)-

Porzingis is yet another 7’0 international player with a smooth jumpshot. These types of players are hard to assess due to the level of competition they play overseas. However, it is known that he’ll have a strong offensive game. He’s frail for his size, so his opponents can simply get physical with him and throw him off.


This upcoming draft is loaded with young talent that’s yet to truly be displayed. Leave your thoughts below.


Tyler Carter

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All Play, No Pay (Should College Athletes Get Paid)

ncaaCollege football and men’s college basketball are two of the most highly anticipated and most watched things on earth. Everyone loves tuning in to CBS, ESPN, NBC and other major TV networks on Saturday’s during the autumn season to watch some college football. Fans all across the world love filling out NCAA tournament brackets for men’s basketball during March Madness. Those two sports are thrilling, breath-taking and epic at the college level just as much as the pros. Those two sports are also anchors in providing the NCAA with money. Endorsements, Television deals and a lot of other money-making opportunities wouldn’t come to fruition if it weren’t for the Division I athletes. Because of their contribution to the schools’ funds and the NCAA as a whole, college athletes of these two sports, basketball and football should get paid.

Outside of men’s basketball, football and women’s basketball to an extent the NCAA doesn’t bring in much revenue from the other sports such as softball, baseball, volleyball and etc. Football and basketball are the sole money makers. As reported by Chris Smith from Forbes, CBS and Turner Broadcasting made over $1 billion off of the basketball games for both the men and women alone. As a whole the NCAA makes at least $6 billion a year. The NCAA then spreads the money amongst the Division l schools, sports sponsorships, and a few more things that include grants for the schools as well as student assistance funds. Once colleges receive the new-found money or extra money, whichever the case may be, colleges start looking for players to give scholarships to and the trend continues.

Most, if not all athletic scholarships cover the player’s school billings such as books, classes, food and housing. A lot of people figure that this diligence is enough for college athletes and should be considered as their pay. But even with the scholarship and all of the different facets it covers college athletes still deserve more because of the risk they’re taking and the exposure they provide schools with.

For example, the three biggest names last year in college basketball were Julius Randle (Kentucky,) Andrew Wiggins (Kansas,) and Jabari Parker (Duke). Each of these players were highly sought after because of their rank amongst others in their class as well as the guys who were already playing at the college level. Having been highly profiled athletes, each of these guys brought major attention to their schools which equated in getting a lot of nationally televised games, commercials and other big marketing deals. Without playing in a single game for their respective schools each player still managed to bring in money. Once the season actually rolled around tons of fans bought tickets. Why, you may ask, because big names sell. College basketball is like any other business; if you have you have the best product you are guaranteed to sell.

On the football side of the equation Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, was box office to the max. A&M got extra media attention because of him, more national games and even sold more tickets. They even sold that praised him. If it hadn’t been for Manziel, A&M would not be in the position they are in now. Manziel’s impact on A&M was ridiculous. Shirts, jerseys, cups and other fan items were all being bought because of Manziel and his brand. Manziel was A&M’s product. Having Manziel on board also helped with their move from the Big 12 to the SEC.

Along with bringing in money, college athletes also put their lives at risk. In basketball the injuries are far less gruesome but can still be detrimental; in football concussions happen, neck injuries happen and plethora of other serious injuries can happen in this dangerous yet fun game. Aside from injuries the players also get held to a higher standard. One wrong slip up and they could get their scholarship taken away like professionals could get their contract voided. Since they’re getting held to such a high standard why aren’t they getting paid like professionals do?

College ball isn’t an easy task either. It’s not like high-school, and how you could just come in and just play for fun or play whenever you like. In college you actually have to work and perform. Especially if given a scholarship. But sometimes working hard can be a bit of a drag especially if you aren’t receiving anything in return. The scholarship helps with a lot of different things but it doesn’t necessarily benefit the players in other aspects of life such as players who happen to be parents or guardians for their families back at home.

As a matter of fact there are a lot of college athletes who happen to be parents and could use a few extra dollars here and there to help support their children. Others, who may not have that same need could quite possibly use a few dollars to help them get from place to place. Everyone’s needs are different, but the money earned from the hard work that’s being put in on the field or court could help players out tremendously. Paying the college athletes would also minimize the problem athletes have in obtaining illegal money and other, benefits from agents, or persons who shouldn’t be involved with them; that would minimize a lot of the suspensions that happen.

All in all, college athletes should get paid. College sports is nothing but a business and like all businesses employees should be paid. The players deserve it because of the hard work and effort they put into being athletes as well as students and in some cases parents. With billions of dollars being made off of these athletes through various marketing outlets, the NCAA would be smart to give out a portion to the athletes to help minimize some of the problems that exist now. The NCAA is after all, a model of the professional leagues. If they (pros) can pay the players the NCAA can too. After all they already have their version of a contract, plus it’s the right thing to do. Why be selfish with the guys who are the cause for money coming in?





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Louisville vs Michigan. Who you got?

      And here we are, just hours away from tipoff of the most anticipated game in college basketball, the NCAA Men’s National Championship. In this year’s game we have the Louisville Cardinals and their smothering defense going against Trey Burke and the Michigan Wolverines.


  This game should be a nail biter with Michigan pulling off late in the final two minutes. Trey Burke had a subpar game against Syracuse and I expect him to shake it off and perform at a higher level tonight. At the end of the day I believe Michigan possess a little too much firepower for Louisville’s defense.
           Score Prediction:
  Michigan wins 88-80

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