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What Should The Mavs Do Part 2

After doing my first post about the Mavs offseason, ( http://wp.me/p33YLP-5q) I have had some time to think and do my research.So here are the people I think the mavs should Sign or try to sign.

1. Chris Paul.
After losing in the First Round of the Playoffs Paul said he wasn’t sure if he was coming back or not. And i know Mark Cuban would LOVE and I mean LOVE to have Paul and Dirk together. Paul would be the superstar guard that the Mavs need and would lead the Mavs back to the Playoffs, maybe even the Finals. But just remember I said maybe.

2.Andre Iguodala.
Iggy may not be an allstar, but he is a good player and I think he would be a great pick up for the Mavs. He brings athleticism,defense, and he’s a great player on the wing. Iggy has a player option this offseason so who knows if he will stay in Denver or not. But a guy can dream right?

3. Drum roll please……….. Dwight Howard.
For the past two years Mark Cuban has let go of good players and broke up his championship team just to get this guy. Every one knows that Dwight had a bad year with LA and he didn’t seem that happy either; Dwight wants to win and Dallas gives him that opportunity. Howard brings rebounding, DEFENSE, and a nice low post game. Dwight and Dirk?!?!?! Now that’s a great big man duo.

4. Monta Ellis.
Yes I said it Monta Ellis. The guy is a great scorer but is too undersized to play shooting guard; so that’s why you move him to point guard. In today’s league having a quick point guard that can score is a deadly combination , and Monta is exactly that. If the Mavs fail with Chris Paul I think this would be a great backup plan.

5. Al Jefferson.
6″10 290 pounds they don’t call him Big AL for nothing. The jazz have been shopping Jefferson for the past year or so, but now that his contract is up he’s free to go, and Dallas is a good place to go. Jefferson and Dirk have identical games, but with Jefferson being big he can get it done on the low post. Bringing in Jefferson would make the Mavs look like the Grizzlies in a way.

6. Brandon Jennings
Jennings is a straight up baller. He has only been in the league for four years now and I have noticed that he has been getting better by the year. Now if you’re Dallas you have to be thinking that this is the guard of the future and if Chris Paul decides to go back to the Clippers Jennings will be the best point guard on the market. Signing Jennings gives Rick Carlisle a chance to develop a young and up coming superstar guard.

7.Eric Bledsoe.
When Chris Paul was out who stepped up for the Clippers? You guessed it right Eric Bledsoe.l Bledsoe is 23 years old so that gives the mavs a guard for the future. I don’t think Bledsoe is a max contract player, but he is a player to watch out for in the offseason.

8. Josh Smith.
During the trade deadline the Hawks were actively shopping Smith, but no deals were done because Smith wants a max contract. I don’t believe Smith will get a max contract, but I do believe that Smith and Dallas could be a good fit for each other. Smith can play the Small Forward position and the Power Position, if the Mavs bring in Smith it gives them an athletic big man that could spread the court.

9.OJ Mayo
Mayo already showed what he can do if he is the superstar of the team. So why not sign him back. Mayo is on the right track to becoming an allstar shooting guard.

Now I know you’re saying what about Tyreke Evans, Devin Harris, David West and etc, but I think these 9 players I named give the Mavs the best chance of winning. I know that the Mavs can’t sign every one on this list, but I think if the Mavs can get at least 2 of these players on this list they can be a great team.



Kenton Adams

What should the Mavs do this off-season

After a 41-41 record this year and not making the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, I think it’s easy to say that the Mavs have some rebuilding to do. The Mavs have a lot of cap room this summer since the only people who are under contract are Dirk, Jae Crowder, Jared Cunningham, Vince Carter, and possibly Shawn Marion.

After looking at those players it doesn’t look like they have a chance to make the playoffs again. But luckily for the Mavs you have a great owner in Mark Cuban; which means the Mavs are going to do it BIG in free agency.

With names like Josh Smith, Monta Ellis and Dwight Howard all in free agency this year I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mavs land two huge superstars. So here are the things I think the mavs should do in free agency this summer.

Number 1: Keep OJ Mayo. Mayo was a huge part of the Mavericks winning when Dirk wasn’t there, even though he didn’t finish great at the end. I believe that he could be the next allstar guard for the Mavs.

Number 2. Sign a point guard!!! The Mavs didn’t know what to do this year with the point guard position. Mike James and Darren collision kept switching in and out the starting job nearly every night. I think it’s a must to sign a point guard this offseason.

Number 3: Get you a superstar for years to come. As we saw this year Dirk isn’t getting any younger and with him being injured for the most part of the season the mavs didn’t have that superstar every night to go to. With superstars like Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul all out there, there should be no excuse to get at least one superstar this offseason.





Kenton Adams