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NFC North Preview

nfc north

NFC North
A division rich with NFL history. Historic moments with each team have been record and talked about as the greatest of all time. Green Bay took the division last year in week 17 in a thriller against Chicago. Are the Packers destined for another division title?

Minnesota Vikings:
I want Adrian Peterson to have a chance at a ring, but sadly I just never see that happening. The Vikings drafted Teddy Bridgewater in this years draft and he already looks better than Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder. They have Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph and Cordalle Patterson in their receiving core. All solid players but none of them are game changers. The worst thing that happened to the Vikings this season was losing Jared Allen. Even at his old age he was the best player on their putrid defense and now he left to a division rival in the Chicago Bears.

I don’t see anything improving the defense so expect them to be worse this upcoming year. I can’t see this team coming anywhere close to a division title unless Peterson rushes for 2,500yds this year and as much as I would want that to happen it’s more than likely not.

The Vikings will finish the season 5-11 last in the division. Peterson alone will win them some games but it won’t be enough to contend with the other loaded teams in the division.

Chicago Bears:

The Bears have a lot of hype right now. Jay Cutler is considered having a top 10 chance of getting MVP this year. If you listen to anything Brandon Marshall says about Jay Cutler he’ll have you thinking he’s the next Joe Montana. Despite the hype that I feel is way over done the Chicago Bears are in a peculiar situation. As a dynasty this franchise is known for gritty tough defense. This year it’s the opposite with a woeful defense and a prolific offense.

They have the best WR duo in the league with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Matt forte is a top 5 RB in this league and Martellus Bennett has been under the radar doing very well for them. They added a huge piece to replace their loss of Julius Peppers by signing Jared Allen a future HOFer. They still have Charles Tillman a very underrated CB in the league. With all of that praise though there’s one problem. Jay Cutler. Cutler shows many similarities to Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo except when he screws up it’s ten times worse because he has some bad wiring in his brain where he can throw 5 picks in a single game putting the team on a downward slope. I have the Bears going 8-8 and placing 3rd in the division missing the Playoffs.

Green Bay Packers:
The defending division champions. We learned last year that this team goes as far Aaron Rodgers takes them. They made one of greatest picks in the draft last year taking Alabama RB Eddie Lacy. Eddie Lacy did a good job carrying a load and proving to Mike McCarthy that he can be more than useful to this team. They have the same core on defense which isn’t good but isn’t horrible either. As great as this team is I strongly believe in the team after this and I’m saying the Green Bay Packers will finish 10-6 barely missing the playoffs and 2nd in the division.

Detroit Lions:
Matt Stafford has had a weird turn of events in his career. First few years he couldn’t stay healthy to play consistently in games, but when he finally became healthy in 2011 the Lions made the playoffs. Recently though Stafford has actually declined and many critics believe it to be the fault of former head coach Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz has been an awful coach for such a long time and the Lions made the necessary change that was needed by firing and replacing him. With the addition of picking up the best WR from the Seahawks, Golden Tate, Matt Stafford I believe will make use of his raw talent as he once did before and propel this team above expectations. They have undoubtedly the best WR in the game, Calvin Johnson. They have Joquie Bell and Reggie Bush making things happen both rushing and receiving. In the draft this year the Lions picked up a promising young TE in Eric Ebron. They also have the best defensive lineman in Ndamakung Suh. This offense will be lethal with Stafford’s cannon arm leading the charge. I just feel it. I’m not a Lions fan but I believe that over the past 2-3 years this is the most talented team that didn’t make the Playoffs and I think that changes this year. The Lions will be 10-6 winning in a thriller against the Green Bay Packers in week 17 to win the division and make their first Playoff birth since 2011.


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De’Shawn Hornback

Joe Flacco the Elite???????

Superbowl Mvp,record for most touchdowns thrown in playoffs history, 11-0 touchdown interception ratio in four playoff games with a Superbowl ring to cap it off. That’s everything Joe Flacco accomplished during this years playoffs; not to overlook the fact he out played both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning en route to accomplishing these feats. After that spectacular run one question must be answered; Is Joe Flacco ELITE? An elite quarterback does great things in both the regular season and postseason. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Ben Rothlisberger and Aaron Rodgers are all elite quarterbacks because of that. You can’t just grade a quarterback on postseason play you have to look at everything. Looking at stats from last season Joe Flacco had 3,610 yards passing with 20tds and 12 picks, completing 57.6% of his passes finishing with a QBR of 59.7 (Total Rating 80.9). This season he had 3,817 passing yards with 22tds and 10 picks, completing 59.7% of his passes finishing with a QBR of 46.8 ( Total Rating 87.7). Now lets take a look at the elite quarterbacks’stats along with 6 others during this two year span.

                 THE ELITE
Tom Brady 2011: 5,235 passing yards 39tds 12 picks 65.6% passes completed. QBR 72.7 (Total Rating 105.6)
This Season: 4,827 passing yards 34tds 8 picks 63% passes completed 77.1 QBR and (98.7 TR)

Peyton Manning 2010 (didn’t play in 2011) : 4,700 yards passing 33tds 17 picks 66.3% passes completed 68.6 QBR (TR 91.9)
This Season: 4,659 passing yards 37tds 11 picks 68.6% passes completed QBR 84.1 (TR 105.8)

Drew Brees 2011: 5,476 passing yards 46tds 14 picks completed 71.2% of passes QBR 84 (TR 110.6)
This Season: 5,177 yards passing 43tds 19 picks 63% passes completed QBR 67.9 (TR 96.3)

Aaron Rogers 2011: 4,643 passing yards 45tds 6 picks 68.3% passes completed QBR 86.2 (TR 122.5)
This Season: 4,295 passing yards 39tds 8 picks 67.2 passes completed QBR 72.5 (TR 108)

Ben Rothlisberger 2011: 4,077 passing yards 21tds 14 picks 63.2% passes completed QBR 63.6 (TR 90.1)
This Season: 3,265 yards passing 26tds 8 picks 63.3% passes completed QBR 62.8 (TR 97.0)

Each of those quarterbacks won a SuperBowl or two and shows greatness throughout the season and postseason. It’s not an “I’ll show up for one part,” type of thing for them. They’re consistently consistent with everything they do. Regular season or playoffs they show up unlike the other QBs.

               The 2nd Tier

Matt Ryan 2011: 4,177 yards passing 29tds  12 picks 61.3% passes completed 69.1 QBR (TR 92.2)
This Season: 4,719 passing yards 32tds 14 picks 68.6% passes completed 74.5 QBR (TR 99.1)

Matthew Stafford 2011: 5,038 passing yards 41tds 16 picks 63.5% passes completed QBR 65.5 (TR 97.2)
This Season: 4,967 passing yards 20tds 17 picks 59.8% passes completed QBR 58.9 (TR 79.8)

Jay Cutler 2011 (injured*) : 2,319 yards passing 13tds 7 picks 58% passes completed QBR 59.8 (TR 85.7)
This Season: 3,033 passing yards 19tds 14 picks 58.8% passes completed QBR 51.9 (TR 81.3)

Matt Schaub 2011 (injured) : 2,479 passing yards 15tds 6 picks 61% completed QBR 67.5 (TR 96.8)
This Season: 4,008 passing yards 22tds 12 picks 64.3% passes completed QBR 62.6 (TR 90.7)

Tony Romo 2011: 4,184 passing yards 31tds 10 picks 66.3% passes completed 71.4 QBR (TR 102.5)
This Season: 4,903 passing yards 28tds 19 picks 65.6% passes completed QBR 62.7 (TR 90.5)

Eli Manning 2011: 4,933 passing yards 29tds 16 picks 61% passes completed QBR 59.4 (TR 92.9)
This Season: 3,948 passing yards 26tds 15 picks 59.9% passes completed QBR 67.4 (TR 87.2)

After viewing those stats does Flacco really belong in the elite category? How many of those 2nd tier quarterbacks is he better than? The answers are no and not many. There are plenty of QBs who led their respective teams to SuperBowl titles who weren’t elite. ( Example Eli Manning both years and Big Ben 1st year.) The playoffs help define your career but doesn’t nec essarily make it. If Flacco comes back next season stellar and playing out of his mind then maybe just maybe he can be considered Elite. But as if right now he’s not.