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Who should the Heat Fear in the East? Pt.1

The Miami Heat are the league’s reigning champion as you allĀ  should know. Led by arguably the best player on the planet, Lebron James, and superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. In route to last year’s championship they dismantled the Knicks in 5games, the Pacers in 6 games and the Celtics in 7 without Chris Bosh for a majority of that series. Once the finals came around they beat the Thunder in 5games. Ever since then people have wondered can anyone stop the Heat? Should they fear anyone? Who in the East can hang with them? The answers to those questions are yes, yes and plenty. The Pacers, Knicks, Celtics, Bulls and the 76ers ( when healthy), all have advantages over the Heat that they can exploit. During the Heat’s recent struggles most of their weaknesses were exposed. Lack of a consistent point guard, not having a true center and poor coaching are some of the issues that hinder the Heat. You can say it’s the middle of the season and the playoffs haven’t started yet so they shouldn’t be worried, but in reality when problems like those exist they get exposed even more in the playoffs. Lack of a true half-court offense also hurts Miami as well. The Chicago Bulls are a well coached team. They’re taught to fight, scrap, rebound, defend relentlessly and show heart. They do those things exceptionally well. The Heat on the other hand does every now and again. One major difference between the Heat and Bulls is that Chicago is way more mentally tough than Miami. If the two were in a series and Chicago was down by 20 they would fight and continue to claw their way back up. While the Heat would start feeling sorry for themselves and not play as hard. In a game against the Bulls a team has to have a legit halfcourt offense. The Heat don’t have a halfcourt offense that makes you cringe in your seat. It’s average at best. The rebounding battle wouldn’t be close. Chicago’s an elite rebounding team while Miami isn’t. Winning the battle of the boards is a huge step in winning a game or series. “Chicago doesn’t have a legit 2nd scorer like Miami does,” what good is a 2nd scorer when he’s just going to be standing around watching the main scorer go to work, as is the case in Miami when it becomes a halfcourt offense? As i said before in the playoffs its a slow paced halfcourt game. In an environment like that Chicago will thrive. If the series came down to coaching Coach Tom Thibodeau would out coach Erik Spolestra. I’m not saying Miami has no chance of winning because they do, but to think it’ll be a cake walk to finals appearance #3 is insane. The two positions Miami struggle with Chicago thrives with. Out of all the other teams in the Eastern Conference that could challenge Miami the Chicago Bulls are the biggest threat.