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Terrance Williams: Not A True #2 

Ever since the day he was drafted I’ve always wondered how good Terrance Williams was,how good he is, and how good he would be.

After two full years and a few games of being the man I see now that he isn’t that guy.


Over the years the Cowboys have had guys like Terrell Owens, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant as their number one receiver. Eating after those guys would be receivers like Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Roy Williams, Laurent Robinson as well as Tight-End Jason Witten. Every single last one of those players (second options) were able to hold their own one way or another. Roy Williams was a nice blocker and a fair red-zone threat. Williams isn’t. Terry Glenn could stretch the field and was a savvy enough route runner to get open underneath. Williams isn’t.  Patrick Crayton was a nice slot receiver and was a good punt returner. Williams isn’t. Laurent Robinson was a guy who could stretch the field, play in the slot and he made defenses respect him. No one respects Williams.

The first problem is the fact that Williams struggles to catch the ball. (He’s more of a body catcher. Not a guy who snatches the ball out of the air.) If the ball isn’t going towards the sideline or up the field he’s prone to drop it. As a rookie he tried handling duties as a kick returner. That experiment failed. Williams also isn’t the fastest guy we’ve seen but he has enough speed to beat opposing defensive backs consistently. The problem is that he doesn’t do it enough.

After having so much time in the offseason to himself while Dez was holding out I thought he was primed to have a breakout year. The sad part about it is I haven’t seen any signs of this coming to fruition.

Against the Giants I was waiting for him to have that ”I can scorch y’all too moment.” Instead of beating them he struggled to get open. Most of his touches came when Dez exited the game and Romo had to spread the wealth in an effort to keep the defense on their heels. On the game winning drive Lance Dunbar and Jason Witten were the primary targets. Not Terrance.

In week two against the Eagles Williams wasn’t a factor until late in the 4th quarter when backup quarterback Brandon Weeden came in and threw a 42-yard touchdown pass. Prior to that pass Byron Maxwell (horrible) and company had him contained.

When the Falcons came to town in week 3 Terrance Williams did as much as I did….. A big fat ass NOTHING. He had no catches. No touchdowns. No rushing or returning yards. Hell he didn’t even have a tackle. Just a couple of dropped passes. The Cowboys were stellar running the football and passing it underneath in the first half of that game, but due to Williams inability to stretch the field Atlanta was able to take over the game. Pathetic.

This past week against the Saints Williams finished the game with 3rec (10 targets) 49yards and a clutch TD reception that came late in the 4th quarter. The touchdown was nice. But he arrived too late.

After four complete games Williams hasn’t been much help to the Cowboys. He doesn’t solely lead the team in any statistical category. He hasn’t had any double touchdown games nor has he had a night where he went for a 100yards. For a number one option that just won’t cut it.

Either way it goes the Cowboys need help at the receiver position. They have no viable number two guy or number one in this case. Witten is too old for that. Cole Beasley can only do one thing. Brice Butler is hurt. Devin Street is too inexperienced. Gavin Escobar isn’t utilized. Lance Dunbar (best option after Dez) is now out for the season. Having Dez at the helm masked all of the problems we see now within the receiving core.

Do I blame management for this? No, but they still should’ve went the safe route and signed a receiver who is/was capable of shouldering the load if Dez went down…. (Desean Jackson few years back, Michael Crabtree, Reggie Wayne, Percy Harvin and Andre Johnson this offseason.) Teams like the Broncos, Giants, Redskins, Patriots, Packers, Colts, Steelers and few others understand the concept of having great depth at receiver. If one guy goes down they still have other guys who demand respect from opposing defenses. As of today the Cowboys don’t have that.

It’s all on Terrance Williams to officially step up and fulfill that role. You can’t pick and choose the times you show up. It has to be all game. The Cowboys desperately need him to step up. If his putrid play continues it might be time to take up on that T.O. offer. (kidding) But it should be time to go out and make a move. There are other feasible options.

A pedestrian quarterback with an average running game, unproven defense and lackluster threats in the passing attack does not win… Just that simple.

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One & Done or More to Come?

untitled 3

“Never judge a Quarterback off of his first year,” is a great quote to live by.

Ever since I was told that I’ve started to evaluate quarterbacks differently. Instead of judging them off of their first year I give them a three year process. The three year mark is a long enough frame because various things come into play within those three years.

In the very first year, a quarterback will often struggle with the pace, flow of the game. They don’t know their teammates as well which could lead to a few chemistry issues. Another problem is that most quarterbacks drafted high in the draft go to bad teams. Due to lack of experience, how are they supposed to be successful right off the bat? And even with those problems, opposing defenses don’t know to fully prepare for them, thus giving them a slight edge.

There has been cases where they fail in their first year and there have been cases where they succeed in their first year. One sample is never enough.

In year two, defenses are better prepared for the quarterback. They watch film, tapes and a lot of other useful tactics that help in their approach towards stopping them. Quarterbacks struggle and history shows that quarterbacks or any position, for that matter, struggle in the second year. That’s just how it goes.

Only a handful of quarterbacks didn’t endure the second year slump and those pretty much the franchise caliber guys. (Luck, Wilson etc)

Year three is when the player finally comes into their own. They’ve matured. They’ve gained experience. And they’ve seen a variety of defensive looks. Case in point, they’re more comfortable with their surroundings, coaches, players etc.

Whatever the case may be year three is when you find out if you have a stud or if you have a dud.

This evaluation can work for every quarterback, outside of Robert Griffin lll.

untitled 2

Coming in as a rookie RG3 was arguably the best QB in his draft class. He had a tremendous arm, was very dead on when throwing the deep ball and had Olympic level speed. He was a tremendous athlete whose only downfall was not being able to slide at the appropriate times when facing pressure.

Nevertheless during his rookie season Griffin dominated the league. He was one of the highest rated passers. His completion total was decent and he had nice TD-INT ratio. In a week 17 showdown against the Dallas Cowboys Griffin outshined Tony Romo in a game that had playoff implications. RG3 even had a 14pt lead against the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs following the win against the Cowboys before he got injured.

Unlike year one, year two wasn’t nearly as good.

Problems brew in the locker room between players and coaches; Griffin was injury riddled; the whole Redskins organization was in a flux. At the end of the season Mike Shanahan was fired and the Redskins moved in a different direction. To top it all off RG3 was injured yet again sending his mobility and health into a state of question.

That offseason the Redskins filled a couple of holes. They went and signed Jay Gruden as head coach, brought in safety Ryan Clark (Steelers) and defensive lineman Jason Hatcher (Cowboys) to shore up the defense and even stole wide-receiver DeSean Jackson away from the Eagles. They looked prime for a renaissance if RG3 was healthy and in tip top form.

Last season, RG3’s third year, ended up being a mess as well. He missed bits and pieces of Training Camp/pre-season action and wasn’t fully ready to go week one of the season. Need playbook, new coach and having a new target all added onto his struggles. At one point he even lost the trust of a few teammates.

Last season wasn’t even about football for him. It was more about him finding common ground with his new coach and his teammates, as well as regaining his health the thing that he ultimately failed to do.

Griffin was in & out of the lineup last season as well, but he did show signs of improvement when he was healthy. The jury is still out on whether or not RG3 can be a nice solid QB. His 2nd & 3rd seasons were injury riddled and filled with constant change in regards to the situation around him. (Luck and Wilson have always been in stable environments.)

If anything year 4 will start to tell the true story of Robert Griffin lll. He’ll have more time learn the playbook, get in sync with his weapons and get a better connection with his coach. More importantly he’ll finally be going through an offseason where he is completely healthy. (Hasn’t happened since his rookie year.)

So don’t doubt RG3 just yet. There is still some time left for him.


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NFC East Evaluation


With about a third of the season over with the sample size to evaluate teams is legit. It’s now time to a look at the NFC East to see how things are shaping up.


After the last two losses to the Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals we saw that Romo is more valuable than we thought. Even with concerns on his back vs the Jaguars he looked like the old Romo throwing for over 250 yards and 3 TD’s. Dez Bryant was lost the last two games but regained his swagger in London with over 6 catches and over 150 yards and a TD. There’s no need to worry about the O-line either as Murray had his 9th 100 yard game this season and Randle had a huge 40 yard TD. The only concerning factor is the defense. I still don’t trust them. They need to get more pressure on the QB and they need to cover better. But it’s hard to argue the 7-3 record for “Dem Boys”. I’m still sticking with my prediction of a 11-5 record and a NFC East tittle. You have to applaud the job Jerry Jones has down with making this team able to compete.


The high flying Eagles are one of the most explosive offenses. With the departure of DeSean Jackson you would think that the offense would slow down, but it hasn’t. At first the Eagles were winning off of good defense and special teams while Lesean McCoy wasn’t shady and Nick Foles wasn’t producing like he was last year. But thank god for the pick up of Darren Sproles who’s putting up big numbers. Breaking the all time scrimmage yards record back in 2011 with the Saints he has exploded with the Eagles with rushing TD’s receiving TD’s and kick and punt returns. He’s the definition of an athlete. As the season concludes the Eagles Cowboys games will decide the winner of the NFC East even though I feel that both the Eagles and Cowboys will make the playoffs. Now that Foles is out indefinitely for the season the next man up, Mark Sanchez will lead the Eagles to the Playoffs

There isn’t much to say about a 3-6 team but the Giants have a lot of young superstars in the making. Leading these stars are Odell Beckham Jr. The rookie star from LSU missed a couple games but has came back with 18 catches 262 yards and 3 TD. The season is pretty much over for the Giants but the future is bright. They drafted a good rookie running back in Andre Williams from Boston college and have drafted well in the secondary and linebacking core. If Jason Pierre-Paul can get back to his dominant early years I then believe the defense will become one of the leagues best defenses. But until then this team won’t go anywhere.

With the Redskins not much is positive. Even with the impressive victory in Dallas nothing much from this team has improved or changed this year. They have started three QB’s this season RG3, Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins which has lead to a 3-5 record. The O-line hasn’t been able to protect the QB, the running lanes for Alfred Morris has been none existent and the defense hasn’t been able to stop anyone. The best thing they have is the new addition of DeSean Jackson who has over 40 catches 700 yards and 4 TD’s. With the return of RG3 we can finally see him in the new system by Jay Gruden. To improve the Redskins need to keep RG3 healthy. He seems to have lost his confidence after that amazing rookie campaign. If they can get him playing like the offensive rookie again you’ll see everyone around him play to their potential. One example would be Alfred Morris. When RG3 and Alfred Morris came in the league together they had combined for more than 2100 rushing yards as they lead there team to a NFC east tittle. If those two can click then the Redskins will be right back to that 2011 form.

The NFC East always comes down to the final week . Even though I feel like two teams will make it to the Playoffs I’m still sticking with my prediction that the Cowboys will win the NFC East and the Eagles will get in as a Wildcard.