Steph Curry With The Shot


We are less than 20 games into the 2015-2016 NBA season and people are already changing their MVP picks. It seems this year people counted out Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors a little too early. The Warriors are now 13-0, and Steph Curry is still lighting it up from downtown. However, is it too early to say that he is this year’s MVP?

Let’s look at his numbers in this year’s numbers:

  • Points per Game: 34.2
  • Assists Per Game: 5.8
  • Rebounds Per Game: 5.3
  • Steals Per Game: 2.5
  • Field Goal %: 52.0
  • 3-point %: 45.3
  • Free Throw %: 93.3
  • 3-pointers made per game: 5.2

These are some great, MVP level, numbers so I understand why many people are amazed by the way Stephen Curry is playing. Nevertheless, the bottom line is he has played 13 games so far. The Golden State Warriors have played 13 games of 82. An NBA season is a marathon not a sprint. So do not be over excited about the way Golden Sate Warriors are playing now because it will not be easy to keep this up for the rest of the season.

Don’t get me wrong, the Golden State Warriors are an incredible team and before the season started I had them as the 2nd seed in the playoffs under the San Antonio Spurs (and over the Los Angeles Clippers), however in my opinion it is still too early to say that Golden State Warriors are definitely going to the NBA Finals again, or that Steph Curry will undoubtedly be this year’s MVP and Final’s MVP, or say that the Golden State Warriors will go 72-10 (blasphemy). 

However, if they can keep this level of intensity up and the rest of NBA does not make adjustments then Warriors will be the team to beat in the post season.

Now I’m sure most of us tuned in to the Golden State games, especially their two games against the Clippers. The way the NBA is played today has dramatically changed from even just a few years ago. The simple fact is that the Warriors play it the best now, they have perfected the game. Now before the Warriors caused hype, the team that played the game the best to me was undoubtedly the Spurs, however since the Spurs key pieces are not what they used to be, the Warriors are in the spotlight. Let’s see if this team can pull it off down the stretch of the season and who knows may be they can go 72-10 (I doubt it), but if there was ever a team that can possibly achieve this feat it would be team like the Warriors, who don’t get tired from consistent banging on offense, primarily shoot outside shoots well, and play great team defense. The 1996 Bulls played differently, sure they shot at a good percentage, but those shoots were inside and they faced the wear-and-tear of driving into the lane or banging in the post that teams now do not have to deal with as much, which gives the Warriors a slight edge. However, 72-10 seems a little far-fetched.


Share your opinions on Steph  Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the comment section.


One thought on “Steph Curry With The Shot”

  1. Come on now. Please stop hating on the Warriors. Let us fans enjoy the ride. Steph is playing phenomenally! As a matter of fact – the entire team is. And they are just that – A TEAM.


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