AFC South Preview


AFC South
This is, as of right now the weakest division in the NFL, and has been dominated for the past 10 years by one team and two different quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. As it currently stands won’t too much change unless one of the teams not named the Colts bring in a legit QB.

Tennessee Titans
This one hurts because this is my favorite team believe it or not. The Titans have struggled since the departure of Jeff Fisher. Jake Locker showed flashes last year of being a decent QB, but was hurt way too much for them to get a good picture of what he is going to bring to the team on a weekly basis. The Titans let Chris Johnson walk after being a consistent thousand yard rusher, and picked up the first RB in the draft, Bishop Sankey. Kendall Wright has been a good solid receiver week to week gaining over a thousand yards last year. Outside of that not much else to say about the offense. Defensively they have a good solid core of guys, but the question is if they are able to be used accordingly. By the end of the season I have my Tennessee Titans finishing with a putrid 3-13 record which should be the worst in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars
I was one of the people who asked, “How could you possibly take Blake Bortles with the 3rd overall pick? “

If the preseason play carries over into the regular season I’ll be wrong about what Bortles can bring to the Jags. But then again even with the potential Bortles has shown this team is just horrible. Outside of Cecil Shorts and Marcedes Lewis this team has a whole lot of nothing on both sides of the ball. The one wildcard on the team is Toby Gerhart, the former backup RB from Minnesota. He hasn’t been given a real chance to get the ball up until now. Even with that the team is still bad plain and simple. In the end they’ll finish 4-12 while placing 3rd in the division.

Houston Texans
With the #1 overall pick the Houston Texans selected Jadeveon Clowney to bolster their defensive front line and perhaps form a scary DE combination with JJ Watt. As bad as they were last year  the Texans were still  a top 5 pass defense last year and have one of the easiest schedules this year. With the recent trade of Bill O’brian’s guy from New England, Ryan Mallet raises questions of who is going to be starting at QB. I believe Arian Foster will come back and redeem a below average performance from last year; Andre Johnson will continue to be a monster even if he might be looking to go elsewhere sooner than rather than later and the defense should be better. The Texans are starting to look up and in a couple of year they could be what they were just 2 years ago. But for now the Texans will finish 6-10 and wound up second in the division.

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have consistently dominated the division and there is no reason to believe that’ll change this year. Andrew Luck,  (who I do not think is worthy of being called a top 5 QB) is a good QB and is only getting better every year. T.Y Hilton has shown flashes for them as a receiver and they will need him to be more consistent as he will be needed more than before since Reggie Wayne is coming off of an ACL injury last year. Luck will need other guys to step up this year as well if they want to have a chance.

A solid pick up by the Colts this offseason was former Giants WR Hakeem Nicks. Coming off a bad year from the Giants he’ll be looking to bounce back and be a major weapon in this offense. The Colts have a solid defense. They get stops and play their game consistently. If Robert Mathis looks anything like he did last year then that will open things up for other players; as he demands two guys to block him or he will get your quarterback in the backfield. Playing in a weak division The Colts will easily finish 1st and have a 12-4 record earning them a playoff spot.


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