NFC East Preview


This division is considered by many to be the most entertaining of any of the other divisions as all of the teams have a deep lore in the NFL and the competitiveness they play with every year.


The Giants, I find are a bit hard to predict. While I am definitely not a fan of Eli it seems like every time they hit rock bottom they come back and beat the Patriots in ridiculous fashion. If I am to give my honest objective opinion here I don’t see how they can get out of being the worst team in this division.

They lost Hakeem Nicks and didn’t really find anyone suitable to replace what he was capable of bringing to the team (despite his horrific season last year.) They’ve lost Justin Tuck as well who was without a doubt their best defensive player. The Giants by the end should be about 4-12 but do not sleep on them or we will all have to see Eli hoist another one.


Ahh this one is fun for me. I could go on for days and days about the Cowboys but we’re going to shorten this up a bit.

These guys have lost their best defensive player in Sean Lee for the year and have yet to replace him with a solid replacement. The highest hope in the LB core is Rolando McClain based off of potential shown in college. Even if he can be anything like he was in college the rest of the defense is so horrible I doubt he will be able to carry them to even being respectable. This offense can be though, has potential to be very scary. Dez is a monster, Romo is a stat stuffing monster of a QB and Demarco is a top 10 RB in this league. The main issues are how Jason Garrett doesn’t want to give Murray the ball and how Romo is one bad hit away from being done. I have no doubt in this offense becoming elite. But because of the worst defense I’ve seen in my lifetime and a lack of any true leaders on the roster or staff I can’t see this team finishing above 3rd in the division. I see them going 6-10 as they have one of the hardest schedules in the NFL.

The Cowboys mystique may bring them to 8-8 but I think that is even stretching it based on what we’ve seen from this team. ( Here goes another article pertaining to the Cowboys


Nick Foles… That’s the question many have when they’re asked about the Eagles. Can he be what he was last year for this team? I’m not ruling it out but I do not have faith in Foles. Who I do have faith in though is Chip Kelly.

I thought he was going to be a great coach in the NFL and so far he has been. Chip will have this offense going without a doubt. Lesean McCoy is already a monster and with the addition of bringing in Darren Sproles and the return of Jeremy Maclin I don’t see how Foles can mess this up.

Now their defense is not horrible, definitely better than others in the division, but do I see them winning this division? Simply put no.

They have major issues scoring on the Cowboys which is beyond ridiculous but that fact remains I’m chalking that up as 2 losses if Romo is healthy. I do not see them beating the Cardinals Seahawks or Niners so that’s up to 5 losses right there. Then there are the games that will be up for grabs and they won’t win all of those. In the end I see them narrowly missing the playoffs finishing 7-9 and 2nd in the division.


RG3. That’s the question everyone has in regards to the Redskins. Can he be the RG3 we saw in college and his rookie year? I believe so.

Preseason has not treated him well for sure but I don’t like to put much stock in preseason. He has one of the best arms in the league and without a doubt when healthy he’s the fastest QB in the NFL. He told media that the team would go where he goes and he is 100% right about that. If he cannot be even 2/3 of what he was his rookie year then this team will go down very early in the season and never recover. But if he is that guy and I believe he will be then this is without a doubt the most complete team in the NFC East.

Alfred Morris walked in as a 1,000 yd rusher and never looked back. Garcon had the most receptions of any WR last year, DeSean Jackson is a major deep threat on the other side and is coming off of his best season of his career. They even found themselves a nice young TE last year in Jordan Reed. The offense is stacked and can be a great West Coast offensive team.

And then there’s the defense, which is more than likely the best in the division. They upgraded their D-line with ex-Cowboy Hatcher and at safety they found themselves a veteran in Ryan Clark. I see the makings of a good team here. They have the young talent and veterans who know how to win big.
I see the Washington Redskins winning the division in the last week and finishing 9-7, thus receiving a playoff birth….

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