Are You Talking About Kobe Bryant?


Kobe Bean Bryant.

The name it’s self carries a lot of weight. The individual who has that name happens to be a five time Champ, former MVP and a legend! I repeat a legend!!!

By the time he retires he’ll be considered as one of the five greatest players in NBA history. Hell he might even be one of those now!

Ever since 2000 there hasn’t been a season where Kobe wasn’t a top three player. Yes I said TOP 3! ( He was overlooked playing alongside Shaq.)

At age 35, coming off an Achilles injury Kobe will still be better than most! To say otherwise would be blasphemous.

I mean seriously when did Chris Bosh become better than Kobe? Where is John Wall better than Kobe? When did these third tier guys become better than Kobe!!!!!!

These questions aren’t rhetorical!!!!

How many players averaged 27.3ppg 5.6reb and 6.0ast last season? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

I’m done waiting. Only LeBron and Durant did something similar!!! An even better question would be how many players ranked ahead of Kobe averaged 20pts a game before?  How many has averaged 25?

    To have Kobe ranked behind Parker, Wade, Love, Rose, Westbrook, Hibbert, Noah, Williams, Wall, Bosh, George, Harden, Dwight and etc is just disrespectful. Comical to say the least. To even have some of them ranked ahead Dirk and Rondo is a bit hard to swallow. 

Either way it goes, Kobe will have all of yall looking foolish at season’s end! He is the BLACK MAMBA! And he’ll continue to prove yall wrong like he has done the past couple of years!




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