Does Tebow deserve a job in the NFL?

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The drama wagon that is Tim Tebow. The famed college quarterback that led the Florida Gators to 2 BCS National Titles is now entering his 4 year in the league. This is also the first year he hasn’t had a job in the NFL. Is it too soon to say that his stint with the NFL should come to a abrupt halt? Or should a team take on the risk and try to reenact the short-lived glory days at Denver?

First, let’s look at the facts and what we do know. One, we know that Tebow averages a 75.3 rating. He’s only thrown 9 interceptions and has thrown 17 touchdowns. He also averages a 47.9% completion rate. Those are nice numbers, but he also has a terrible throwing motion and his accuracy has been a problem while in the league. These are things we do know.

Things we do not…

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