Time To Step Up Kevin Durant


The other day Kevin Durant said, “I’m Tired of being second.” He talked about being second in high-school, college, the MVP race, the Scoring Title and how he’s second to LeBron. The only thing he didn’t mention is how he’s second on the OKC Thunder. I’m sure that statement sounds absurd but it’s true.
       Kevin Durant is easily OKC’s best player. But at times Durant doesn’t get the shots number one guys take. For example, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony both get the shots they need to close out games and etc; Kevin Durant on the other hand doesn’t get the ball as much because Russell Westbrook takes it upon himself to get buckets and close out games. Thus depriving Kevin Durant from being a 35ppg guy.
        Sure, its good that Kevin Durant has a guy that can take pressure off of him, but at the end of the day Durant needs to get the ball more so he can hush his critics and show us how great he is. With that being said, Kevin Durant now has his chance.
     While Westbrook is out, due to a torn meniscus, Kevin Durant will have his chance to show us why he’s ready to be #1. He’ll have a chance to rebound, score and distribute more showing us a more complete game. The lights are on and the camera is rolling; now its Durant’s time to show us what he’s all about.



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