Was there a better option?


6-year, $108million contract extension….. Breathe Cowboy fans breathe…
This extension is not, and I repeat, IS NOT the end of the world or a sign the Cowboys don’t want to win. By signing Romo it shows that they want to win.

Yes Romo makes mistakes and doesn’t show up in big time games. We know that. But can you name someone that’ll help make the Cowboys better?

Sure Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees would make them better, but lets be honest for a second; do they really have a chance to get them?

No they don’t and there aren’t any other quarterbacks available to make a legit case. Some may say draft a QB. But as of late the Cowboys have had a bad history when it comes to drafting quarterbacks. So in other words Tony Romo is staying whether you like it or not.

Now that they’ve addressed the QB and salary situation it’s time to bulk up the O-Line and improve the defense. They also need to find a solution at the runningback position. At this point it’s time to improve the overall team. Signing Romo helped, but it won’t be enough.


2 thoughts on “Was there a better option?”

  1. They have running back option with demarco Murrary . They need a back up running back to protect murrary. And romo is at his best when he doesn’t have throw so much . I believe Romo is a top seven quaterback he just hasn’t had the personell around him. And I didn’t know romo plays defense this is a team game as a organization they need to draft better if they wanna go anywhere. But it starts up front with getting him some protection no only will it help him it will help the run game get better.but this was a great deal and once Romo does win a superbowl it will show that this was a good investment . I mean he was a undrafted freeagent . He out proven all them nasayers wronng


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