D.Rose vs Westbrook


One of the best point guard debates in recent years has been Derrick Rose vs Russell Westbrook; two top notch point guards that are widely considered as the most athletic players to ever play the position. Both players can jump out the gym, move quickly and are good scorers.
Although they have similarities in some aspects, they’re games are a bit different. With his speed and quickness Rose likes to finish around the basket avoiding contact. Whenever he gets challenged at the rim he alters his shot to avoid contact. Every now and again he’ll finish strong at the rim over a defender, but usually chooses not to do that. Over the years he’s developed a consistent 3pt shot along with a shaky mid-range shot. When his shot is falling he’s nearly unstoppable, but his stroke isn’t as consistent as it should be, so him being unguardable hardly ever happens. On the defensive side of the ball he’s an average defender. Thru the years he’s gotten better, but still has a ways to go before being considered an elite or superb defender.
Westbrook, on the other hand, uses his speed, strength and quickness to finish strong at rim and overwhelm his opponents. When compared to Rose, Westbrook is a bit more physical. When he attacks he looks for contact, most of the time, while other times he’ll avoid it. Westbrook’s mid-range game is elite; while his 3pt game is slightly above average. Offensively Westbrook is virtually unguardable. If you play him for the drive he’ll knock down the jumper, play him for the shot and he’ll blow right by you. Defenders have nightmares when matched up with him. Defensively Westbrook is hard nosed and feisty like his coach, Scott Brook, was. Very seldom will you see a guy beat Westbrook and even still he’ll be right there with them.
When comparing the two of them you have to pay attention to all of the details and not just offense and defense. Sure Westbrook is a better offensive player and defensive player, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the better all around player. When comparing these two you have to look at the intangibles. D.Rose is a more willing passer than Westbrook while Westbrook is a more aggressive player. Westbrook has a sturdier body while D.Rose is frail. Rose is a leader by nature while Westbrook isn’t. After the intangibles you have to compare the skills and smarts of each player.
When it comes to handling the ball Westbrook is superior. Sure, D.Rose is quick and fast with the ball and no one can stay infront of him, but his ball control is real sloppy. During Thunder games Westbrook will force bad shots and make horrible decisions with the ball, for example, not passing it to Kevin Durant in the clutch. D.Rose on the other hand can go a little too out of his way to get other players going instead of taking over the mantle himself. All in all D.Rose is a smarter basketball player than Russell Westbrook hands down.
Stat wise they look a bit similar. For D.Rose’s career he averages 21ppg 7ast 4reb 1stl 3to 18shots a game while shooting 46.4% from the field and 31% from deep.
For Westbrook’s career he averages 20ppg 7ast 5reb 2stl 4to 16shots a game while shooting 43% from the field and 31% from deep.
Both stat lines are identical and can very well be interchangeable. If you were to switch D.Rose and Westbrook both the Bulls and Thunder will improve. The Thunder will now have a guy who can score, play smart and have everything he’s ever wanted, that specific thing being help! Kevin Durant and D.Rose would be a deadly duo that wouldn’t have to worry about shots and being able to co-exist. In the 4th quarter Rose will be able to feed Durant appropriately as well as get the shots he needs in order to be successful. Add in the fact that his body is frail, Durant will be able to take some of the heap of him. D.Rose will also have the benefit of playing for a coach who was once a defensive stopper at point guard. With D.Rose, the leader, and Kevin Durant at the helm the Thunder will stretch to new heights.
Westbrook on the other hand will finally have a team to call his own. He’ll be able to showcase his talent in ways he wouldn’t have been able to do with the Thunder. Instead of having to share the rock with Durant, Westbrook will be able to close games the way he wants to. With coach Tom Thibodeau by his side Westbrook will be able to develop into more of a leader and mature as a player. And on top of all that the Chicago Bulls will finally have a star that can stay in the lineup, as opposed to having Rose who is all ways hurt. By having a star that is durable and great offensively the Bulls will become an even bigger threat.
At the end of the day I came to the assumption that they’re both equal and interchangeable, which doesn’t make one better than the other. But if you want a definite answer i’ll leave you with these wise words: The best ability, is availability.


6 thoughts on “D.Rose vs Westbrook”

  1. HMMM I’ll try not to be rude
    1. Westbrook is pretty indestructable but D-Rose is far from “frail”. He has the bigger body and is the heavier player of the 2 even though Westbrook is half an inch taller. Rose – 190 pounds, Russ – 185 pounds

    2. Westbrook would have the better mid-range jumper thanks to his transition pull up while Rose would be steadier from 3 point range, all in all they are pretty equal. Quite streaky.
    3. Handles can’t be compared. Rose is far better which is understandable since he has always been a pg. Westbrook is a sg turned pg who prefers to run past opponents than utilise his handle. Derrick Rose has arguable the most dangerous crossover in the league. Westbrook doesn’t even have the most dangerous crossover on his team.
    4. While D-Rose’s measurables were higher than Westbrook’s at the draft combine (D-Rose: 40 inch max vert, 34.5 inch no step vert, 3.05 3/4 court sprint — Westbrook: 36.5 inch max vert, 30 inch no step vert, 3.08 3/4 court sprint) in my opinion they are pretty much equal athletically, Rose being “possibly” faster while Westbrook being “possibly” more explosive. You did touch on a good point about Rose’s aerial manouvers to Westbrook’s. D-Rose has much more body control Westbrook probably leads the league in missed dunks lol. However, Westbrook’s one leg take off is absolutely ridiculous.
    5.D-Rose is the smatter offensive player with more offensive skill (hits ridiculous 12 foot floaters frequently utilising his ridiculous touch). D-Rose probably has the best touch in the league followed closely by Tony Parker & Kyrie… CP3 and Steph Curry also have better touch than Westbrook.
    6. They are both aggressive, they both like to force things although Westbrook forces shots to a way higher degree even when he doesn’t have to. Derrick Rose led the bulls to tons of comebacks in his MVP season. (Youngest MVP ever might I add.) Westbrook is an underrated passer and a lot of the blame should be put on KD who finds it difficult to get open. Truth is only OKC would improve if they swithed teams as only one of them is the natural PG.
    7. Defence, this is the most interesting one. Google best defensive point guard in the league. 3 people will consistently come up. Rondo, CP3 and Rose. Until this season Westbrook’s defence has been extremely sub par. You must understand that 70% of defence for a pg is outside the paint and only 10% of defence will show up in blocks and steals. When taking into account that and the fact that thibedou says that the bulls defence begins with Rose and the fact that Rose limitied opposing pgs to the lowest per and the lowest scoring and when he was out of the team the bulls pg defence fell to 22nd in the league, it’s is pretty safe to say that Rose is the better defender. Rose blocks more shots, Westbrook steals more, but again that is only 10% it. Rose plays much better team defence thanks to playing under Thibs and one on one Rose’s numbers are much better. However after this season I could say Westrbook is equal or even better one on one.

    At the end of the day, Rose is faster stronger and bigger than everyone he plays against sans Westbrook. Hence why he completely destroyed every other pg during his mvp season (again apart from Westbrook). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRcjlAI-bHg

    At the end of the day, they are 2 of the 3 best pgs in the league but Rose is literally a smarter, more skilled Westbrook, and that is frightening.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ5qWxVsJ-Y this guy really does a good job explaining their mind sets when talking about their dunking styles.

    and heres Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypCGdhGxNjk
    and heres Westbrook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzoaLKzd5eA

    btw they are both 2 of my favourite players… this may seem a bit one sided but that’s because D-Rose is a better player and I probably felt like I should emphasize that

  2. It’s so apparent whoever wrote this articleis a Westbrook fan. To say Rose ball handling is sloppy and Westbrooks is superior is ridiculously retarded dude! Rose can blow by his man with regularity Westbrook shoots the bell out pull up almost every time… If they switched places the bulls would be 5th seed maybe d rose is the truth mvp player Westbrook doesn’t compare besides athleticism..and stats don’t tell half the story with these two players

  3. I agree with these points and I think Westbrook is the brtter player because he can pass the ball better than people think he can and his TO have decreased every year

  4. I agree with a lot of these points, but not all. I wouldn’t call Rose frail, he only missed 6 games his first 3 seasons. The injury bug just bit him last year. Also I wouldn’t call Westbrook’s mid range elite when he shoots under 48% from the field. He’s a volume shooter, and elite scorer..not an elite shooter.

  5. I would still take d rose over westbrook immaturity issues and a below average three poiny shooter in my oppinion with bad decision making skills, d rose is in my oppinion a better overall shooter,passer and crunch time player he gets it done


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