NBA AllStar Weekend


    The biggest weekend in basketball is AllStar Weekend. Rappers, fans, movie stars, bums etc all come together to watch and experience a weekend full of suprises, excitement and entertainment. During this weekend you have the Celebrity Allstar Game, Shooting Stars Challenge, Rising Stars Game, Skills Challenge, 3pt Shootout, Dunk Contest and most importantly the Allstar game itself. Some of those events can stay, while others need to be scrapped or changed dramatically.
         The Celebrity Allstar game should be more entertaining. Kevin Hart does a nice a job of keeping it somewhat entertaining, but him by hiself is not going to get the job done. Ne-yo, Common and Trey Songz should be exchanged for the likes of Drake, 2chainz and Chief Keef or someone of that nature. The actors and actresses should be people more commonly known by the youth; not people unknown or irrelevant to them. Sure one or two of them can be there for the older viewers but no more than that. As for the NBA legends and female basketball players the league is doing a good job of changing them.
          The Shooting Stars Challenge is decent enough to keep as is, but the Rising Stars Challenge should go back to normal. When I say go back to normal I mean go back to the Rookies vs Sophmores Challenge. They should go back because Shaq and Charles Barkley can’t draft and the game itself isn’t entertaining enough to tweak it the way they did.
            The Skills Challenge is a good event. There is nothing that can be added or taken away from it to make it any better. It is arguably the best event outside of the Allstar Game.
        Now as for the 3pt Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest things must change. In the 3point contest we want to see the best shooters. Not guys like Paul George and Kyrie Irving. Seph Curry, Matt Bonner, Ryan Anderson and Steve Novak are nice, but where are the guys like Nash, Durant, Ray Allen and Dirk? Where are players like Kyle Korver, James Jones, D.Wright  and J.J Redick? Why is the competition so low? Why not expand to eight people? Those are questions that run through ones’ head after the contest. On to the next competition. The Dunk Contest should go extinct. They have average players in the competition that need five or six different chances to complete a dunk. All the misses and redos take away the excitement from the contest. Instead of watching guys like Eric Bledsoe, J.Evans, Gerald Green, etc miss why not watch LeBron James, Blake Griffin and other elite players miss? Give us a break, without star players participating in the Dunk Contest there is little to interest. Ever since  Nate Robinson won his first Dunk Contest the competition has been a lost cause. The bottom line is that fans want to see stars conpete in these contests and not J.A.G.s. ( J.A.G means just a guy.)
             Last but not least Allstar Weekend has to be, for lack of a better term, crunk. The crowd can’t be dull and boring like it is this year in Houston. And the performances have to get better. For the past couple of years none of the performances have memorable. For example, last night’s performance by the Fall Out Boys was GOD AWFUL. Hardly anyone was cheering and the fans at home on Twitter were talking bad about it. To make matters worse they brought out a rapper, 2chainz, to help get the crowd going which didn’t help the performance at all.
          At the end of the day this Allstar Weekend has not and I repeat, has not been entertaining. It gives me the vibe that it was put together last minute and had no planning prior. Next year has to be better or Allstar Weekend will become just like the Pro Bowl, DEAD.





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