SuperBowl XLVII

Just five months ago we were all wondering which teams would make it to the Superbowl with thoughts of the Giants, Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, Bears, Patriots, Broncos, Eagles, Texans, Steelers, Lions, Colts etc, making it. Instead we have the 49ers and Ravens playing in the biggest sport event of the year. Throughout the season each team gave us reasons to doubt. Ravens had to deal with injuries to key defensive players and dealt with an inconsistent quarterback at times this season. The 49ers had a quarterback change and lost some games that caused us to question them (i.e the Giants game). Despite the thorns in their sides each team managed to build some momentum in route to getting here. The Ravens came together as a unit when Ray Lewis announced his retirement and came back from injury. The 49ers started building momentum when they handed the QB position to Colin Kaepernick. In the playoffs against the Falcons and Packers Kaepernick had over 200+ yards passing and had a QBR of 92+ in both games. Tally that with the fact he had 181 yards rushing in the game against the Packers along with the 200+ yrds passing and you have a dual-threat quarterback that can’t be contained.In route to a SuperBowl berth he out played Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. Joe Flacco also did some things that shouldn’t be over looked as well. In the games against the Colts, Broncos and Patriots he tallied
281 yrds passing, 334 yards passing, 281 yards passing along with two tds, three tds, three tds respectively. He out played both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to earn a spot in the Championship. The 49ers and Ravens both own stifling defenses led by Pat Willis and Ray Lewis along with two great coaches in Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh. The 49ers defense and offense is predicated on speed while the Ravens are more so about power. In this Superbowl we’ll get a chance to witness two of the greatest players ever in Randy Moss and Ray Lewis compete for a ring in their final rides. We’ll also have a chance to witness two QBs jumpstart their careers in different ways one ascending into the elite category and the other being amoung the second tier QBs. And to top it off we have two brothers in Jim and John Harbaugh coaching against each other. This match up should be an instant classic.


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