Did the Grizzles get better?

In a big trade that involved three teams and six players Memphis sent their leading scorer, Rudy Gay, to the Toronto Raptors and received Ed Davis from the Raptors along with Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince from the Pistons. Despite being 4th in the West at 29-14 the Grizzles needed to make a change if they wanted to improve and have a better shot at knocking off one of the West’s elite. By adding Prince, Daye and Davis Memphis adds length, athleticism, defensive prowess and rebounders. By trading away Gay they lose an average defender at best who can score but does it at inconsistent rates. Now that Gay is gone Memphis will be able to feed Randolph and Gasol more. Prince will space the floor more than Gay did and give the bigs a little more room to operate. When Gay and Randolph shared the floor together they both needed the ball in the same spots which led to a lot of congestion in the paint area. With the new acquisitions Memphis should become a better offensive and defensive ball club that can rebound better. The Grizzles now have the size and depth that most teams lack. The Grizzles from two years prior have returned.

One thought on “Did the Grizzles get better?”

  1. Bad trade for memphis rudy made teams focus on stopping him from scoring 1st option allowing gasol and randolph more freedom to operate and score in the half court rudy was an athletic wing player who could slash and get to the rim consistently nd he was very clutch as well this trade was all about getting rid of his contract


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