What are the Lakers’ problems?

Throughout this underachieving season the Lakers have been in complete disarray. They came into the season thinking all of their problems were solved when they really weren’t. Lack of a point guard, Steve Nash became the answer. Lack of athletisism, Dwight Howard, Jordan Hill  and Chris Douglas-Roberts (failed dramatically), were the answers. Not enough three-point shooting A.Jamison, Jodie Meeks and Nash were the sure fire answers. With most of those acquisitions the need of a solid bench was suppose to be solved. Not knowingly the Lakers made themselves worse in other aspects. Steve Nash (38) and Antawn Jamison (36) made them older and neither one of this is known to be a defensive player. They made themselves worse in the health aspect as well with Dwight Howard coming off surgery and not being healthy; along with Nash and his history of back issues. To top all of this they brought in an offense known as the Princeton to help maximize their abilities as a whole. Fast forward to the start of the preseason and things weren’t looking good. In the preseason they went 0-8. Not having enough time develop chemistry played a roll since Dwight wasn’t healthy, but its still unacceptable. Opening night the Lakers got stunned in a home game against a Dirk-less Dallas Mavericks squad. The next night against the Portland TrailBlazers Steve Nash goes down with a leg contusion and the Lakers lose. Following a couple more losses the Lakers fire Mike Brown and later sign Mike D’Antoni. Mike D’Antoni implemenred a run and gun offense that required speed, 3point spooting and a lack of focus on defense. After losing games here and there resulted in conflicts with Pau, Dwight and Kobe. Later on Nash, who was suppose to be the savior of this offense, came back from injury and the Lakers went on a five game winning streak with noteworthy wins over the Knicks and Warriors. Most people, including myself, thought the Lakers season was turned around. Following that 5 game win streak the Lakers go on to lose 8 of their last 11 games along with a 6 game skid in between that time. Today the Lakers sit at 17-22, 11th in the west and facing alot of questions. The main two questions are, ” How many problems do the Lakers have ” and “Which problem is the worst”. The first question is the easiest to answer. The problems are Kobe, Nash, Dwight, Gasol and Mike D’Antoni.


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